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Grease Trap Cleaning Services: Signs Of Grease Trap That Needs Cleaning

From its name, the grease trap is designed to intercept oils, fats, and solids before they get into the sewer system. According to grease trap cleaning services providers, you need to regularly clean your grease for you to prevent problems with the systems. Some of the issues that can come up when you don’t clean the system frequently enough include:

  • Risk of fire
  • The grease getting back into the kitchen
  • The sewer lines might clog up leading to expensive unclogging fees
  • You may have to shut down the kitchen or restaurant as the situation becomes unbearable
Grease Trap Cleaning
Grease Trap Cleaning

While many people know that they should clean their grease trap, most of them don’t know the right time to do it. To help you out, here are signs that your trap is ripe for cleaning:

There are odors coming from the sink

The kitchen sink isn’t supposed to smell; therefore, if it is, you have a problem that you should fix. Grease smell is awful when grease has gone for a long time without cleaning; therefore, when you notice the bad smell, hire a professional to inspect its source and fix the problem.

Things are moving slower than normal

If the water used to flow fast in the kitchen sink but now it’s not, you have a reason to worry. Just like anything else, grease traps don’t work well when they start filling up.

When the grease trap starts filling up, it forms a thick grease cap at the top of the trap. This makes it harder for the water and other things to drain through.

Is the water draining slower than it’s supposed to? Chances are that you have reached the limits of your drains and its time that you hire a professional to look into the problem and open up the system.

Things are coming up

As mentioned above, one of the setbacks of having a malfunctioning grease trap is things coming up while they aren’t supposed to. Have you noticed that things are coming up as soon as you put them down the sink? Chances are that the grease trap has filled up and its time that you started thinking about cleaning it.

There is grease in other areas other than in the grease trap

Are you finding grease in the sewerage pipes, water lines, and other areas you shouldn’t find grease? This a clear sign that there is more grease in the grease trap that it should be there. Before the grease wreaks havoc in your home, you should plan for it to be cleaned as soon as possible.

Grease Trap Cleaning
Grease Trap Cleaning

You can’t remember the last time you cleaned the trap

Can you tell the last time you cleaned the sewer lines? If you can’t, chances are that you have gone for too long then you should. Grease trap experts recommend that you clean the trap at least once every three months.

You should note that by undertaking grease trap cleaning you not only keep your home or place of work sane, you also comply with the standards and requirements of both the local and national government.

Set a schedule with the cleaning professional

If you are having all of the above signs, you definitely need to clean your grease trap. As mentioned, you should clean your trap at least once every month. If your kitchen is busy, you should clean it more often.

You should note that the cleaning contractor you hire is as good as the service they provide; therefore, you should take your time when hiring. The rule of thumb is to only hire an experienced professional who will not only clean the trap but also repair any faulty parts that might be there.

Some contractors might try to rip you off; therefore, you should take caution that they don’t do it. Take your time and get estimates from a number of experts. Work with experienced contractors charging a reasonable fee.

For you to avoid grease trap issues, you should train your employees on how to properly use it. You also should avoid dumping excess oils, grease, and solids down the drains. When you notice issues with the system, let a reputable drain cleaning services provider handle it.