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Common Landscaping Problems

It doesn’t matter how much experience in Landscaping that you have. If you care for your lawn, you will always have some pests and problems that come up.  This can be very frustrating if you don’t have a solution or a plan to counteract these issues.  You can have a garden full of weeds pretty quickly without these tips. I have included the top Landscaping Maintenance problems that may appear throughout your decades of caring for your lawn and their solution.

Tacoma Landscapings
  1. Dandelions
    A frustrating weed that is fast-growing thanks to the fast spread of their seeds.  One kid’s lucky wish sent off to come true through a quick blow on one of these dandelions can be a homeowner’s frustration. While difficult to remove, you can aerate and dethatch your lawn to build a stronger turf.  This will choke out those pesky dandelions.  If you add calcium to the soil, this will help remove them.  Consider a selective herbicide to target this type of weed.
  2. Crabgrass
    These guys produce thick and tough blades that spread like an STD and overtake a lawn quickly.  That includes those lovely paving stones too.  The best way to rid these guys is to mow your grass slightly higher to keep crabgrass from 
  3. Grubs
    These guys are the larvae form of many different insects.  These leave behind wilting plants, and dead patches.  This also increases the number of moles, raccoons, and other wildlife that feast on grubs on your property.  The solution is to aerate your lawn to remove the thatch the grubs eat and use a specialized insecticide that targets the specific species in your yard.  Consider consulting a professional to prevent damaging your landscape.
  4. Bare Patches
    Bare patches are a space for weeds to take over.  They are thin and patchy in appearance.  Reseed the bare or thin areas to avoid this problem.  Consider laying sod over to avoid the weed takeover. 
  5.  Yellowing Grass

 If your lawn is turning yellow it may be missing out on a nutrient.  It could be due to dog urine.  It could be due to overwatering a lawn.  Determine the getting established.  Also consider an herbicide to target crabgrass. 
problem to fix it.Garden Weeds
Weeds can suffocate a garden quickly if not kept up.  It’s quite frustrating at how quickly this happens.  Be sure to pull weeds regularly before they begin to spread.  Consider mulching deeply around garden rows to reduce this type of problem.